Scope of Work

Before filling out your official DHLC Scope Of Work borrowers now have FREE access to a revolutionary and innovative, web-based application to quickly evaluate investment opportunities and simultaneously create a Scope of Work.

This tool helps determine the following items associated with a  residential rehab project:

1. High Level Scope of Work
2. Baseline Rehab Budget
3. Insight into Potential Risks
4. Tools for Financial (R.O.I.) Analysis


Ready to Start Your Scope Of Work?


Once you have your report you are ready to fill out your official DHLC Scope Of Work! Click below to download the DHLC SOW Spreadsheet for review and approval.  This should ideally be submitted prior to the property being appraised.*

Download the DHLC Scope Of Work Spreadsheet

Once you have your report ready click below to fill out the official DHLC Scope Of Work.

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