A message regarding COVID-19 from Rob Barney, Owner DHLC Mortgage, LLC and DHLC Investments, Inc.



First and foremost… DHLC is continuing to make investment loans in Texas!

As each news cycle presents updated restrictions and a rise in the number of positive tests regarding the Covid-19 virus, it is natural to become concerned and frustrated.  With this in mind, I feel it is important to share a few thoughts.

As a responsible member of the business community, DHLC has taken the CDC recommendations very seriously.  In response to the “Shelter In Place” mandate initiated by Dallas County, DHLC’ s employees are now working remotely.  Since “residential construction” is currently considered an “essential service” we are taking these steps to ensure our borrowers receive the same quality, uninterrupted service going forward.

Admittedly, DHLC is aware some may have concerns about the current health of the housing market.  Having been an industry leader since 2001, DHLC has experienced market swings with regard to the recessions in 2007 and 2008 as well as the H1N1 Pandemic of 2010.  Each occasion has provided different challenges. Yet with each obstacle DHLC has worked diligently to persevere, ready to help our borrowers seize the opportunities presented by the market’s corrections.  We remain committed to do so again.

Fundamentally, today’s market is MUCH more prepared to withstand challenges than in 2007 and 2008.  Currently, capital liquidity is high and Texas possesses a very strong, diverse economy with a vibrant real estate market.  Two of our borrowers received full price offers on their properties this last weekend.  Certainly, home sales will slow while people assess their options but home sales will not stop.  In my estimation, this correction will take two to three months while the industry adjusts to a “new normal” and people ready themselves to take advantage of lower interest rates and market opportunities.

DHLC continues to be well capitalized with a mix of private and commercial capital. My staff and I stand firm in our commitment to provide you excellent service and ensure you, the borrower, continue to have access to the capital you need to purchase properties that are solid investments and to renovate those properties.  New loans for rentals are still available but the underwriting guidelines and terms are in some-what of a state of flux.  Be assured that we will always keep you informed as to what is going on with your loan application..  We will still answer the phones, reply to emails, and do our best to ensure inspections and draws continue uninterrupted.

I have always been honored by the trust you have placed in DHLC and we will continue to steadfastly maintain that trust.  Together, we will meet this challenge.

Please keep yourself and those you care about safe and healthy.