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This authorization confirms that you wish to order an appraisal from our appraisal service provider,Webb Barton & Associates and to have DHLC Mortgage, LLC perform a site inspection on the property in conjunction with your loan application. DHLC will, via PayPal, charge your card $520.00 for the Appraisal and Inspection Fee.

By agreeing below, I authorize DHLC Mortgage, LLC to charge the credit card, submitted via PayPal, in the amount of: $520.00 for the purpose of obtaining a residential Full Appraisal (Interior/Exterior) on the subject house and a Site Inspection on the property, to be used in a lending transaction. I understand that this fee is not contingent upon the final determination of value or the closing of the loan. This credit card charge is a non-refundable fee.

By agreeing below you agree to the charges listed above, DHLC Mortgage, LLC Appraisal and Inspection policy.

*Additional terms/conditions and information: The completed appraisal will be sent to the lender. The borrower is entitled to a copy of the appraisal after closing or if the loan is denied. Please contact DHLC about receiving a copy. Disputing this transaction with your credit card company, after receiving the Appraisal Report and results of the Site Inspection will constitute “Theft of Services” which is a Class A Misdemeanor under Texas Penal Code – Section 31.04.