Pre-Approval Letter Template

One of the best things about working with a Direct Hard Money Lender is the ease of getting Pre-Approved.

  • Will the property appraise for at least $100,000.00 once it is repaired?
  • Is the property located within a Major Metro Area (or it’s suburbs)?
  • Can you demonstrate that you can bring 5% -10% to closing and make 6 months of loan payments?

If you answered “Yes”!  Congratulations! You are Pre-Approved!

Simply open the Adobe Acrobat file below, Change the date, change the name to your name and enter the loan amount needed and then print it. DHLC Investments, Inc. has now issued you a pre-qualification letter indicating the amount you are pre-qualified to borrow.

It is important to understand that a pre-qualification letter is just an estimate of what you are eligible to borrow, not a commitment to lend. Getting pre-approved for a loan gives you competitive advantage when the time comes to bid on a home because you have been approved for a loan for a specified amount.

A pre-approval letter is not binding on the lender; it is subject to an appraisal of the home you wish to purchase and certain other conditions.


Click Above to Download
the Do-It-Yourself Pre-Approval Letter Template

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat look the the left in the green column for a link to download a free Adobe Acrobat reader.