Rate Sheet

Texas Hard Money Loan Programs

1-4 Family Investor Rehab Loans


Interest Rate

Prepayment Penalty


Origination Fees

Premier Borrower Plan:
Min. 660 Credit Score, 2 mo. bank statements & paystubs (if employed) & last 2 yrs. tax returns

Starting at 11%


Up to 70%


Typical Borrower Plan
No Min. credit Score, 2 mo. bank statements & paystubs (if employed)

Starting at 12%


Up to 70%


Multi-Family or Commercial Property Loan:



Up to 70%


New Construction, Raw Land or Development Loans:

Call for terms

Call for terms

Call for terms

Call for terms

*DHLC will pull credit.

Standard Loan Term

Minimum Loan Amount

Maximum Loan Amount

6 Month Term



“Good Standing”. 1.5 Orig Points. Rate goes to 18%

All borrowers must enroll in auto-drafting for payments

Risk Based
Loan is based upon the risk of the deal. Borrower's Credit, Liquid assets and experience are all considered.

Credit Reports
Payment History & Credit Scores are considered for all Hard Money Loans regardless of amount. DHLC will pull credit for all new borrowers.

Appraisal and Inspection
DHLC will order Appraisal and Inspection Vendors paid at time of service by borrower.

Minimum ARV:                                   $150,000.00
Minimum Loan Amount:                  $100,000.00
Initial Inspection Fee:                        $120.00
Draw Inspection Fee:                        $125.00

Loan To Value
Up to 70% at lenders discretion subject to: Risk, Property condition, Inspection and Appraisal

6 mo. Hazard/Builders Risk Insurance required. All insurance MUST have a Theft Rider

Property Taxes
All loans will have Seller Property Tax Credits held in Escrow by Lender. A Pro-rated amount will be added to monthly payment.

Doc Prep Fee
$550.00 Payable at Loan Commitment

Appraisal Fee
$400.00 - Includes both an “As Is” and “As Repaired Value “

Home Warranty
$495.00 - Required on most loans