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Get a Home Warranty when you buy residential property

I don’t know why more rehabbers do not ask the Sellers to provide a Home Warranty. This costs the seller less than $350 and can save you a ton of money. Infact I would suggest getting the seller to agree to the sales price then tell them you will pay $350.00 more but they have…

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Why you should use a Buyer's Agent

One of the biggest mistakes new and veteran RE Investors make is to purchase a listed property without the use of a Buyers Agent who is experienced in working with RE Investors. Now any agent can be a Buyers Agent but unless they understand how we buy and sell property they will not be able…

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Bird-Dogging 101

Definitions A “Bird-Dog” is someone who identifies a good Real Estate investment opportunity and puts the property under contract with the sole intent of assigning that contract for a fee to a rehabber to repair and resell. For the purpose of this article the term Birddogging and Flipping will mean the SAME thing. The Scenario…

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A bargain is worth just as much as you paid for it!

My grandfather used to always tell me A bargain is worth just as much as you paid for it! What does this mean? It means that taking short cuts and using the lowest bid may cost you more in the long run. Every time I review a Hard Money Loan application I also review the…

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