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Rob Barney to Deliver Talk On Hard Money Investing at the Lone Star Real Estate Expo

By Site Owner | Nov 4, 2016 |

Rob Barney of DHLC Investments to Speak on the Power of Leverage in Real Estate Investing October 29, 2016 Arlington, Texas– Rob Barney, owner of DHLC Investments, will be attending the Lone Star Real Estate Expo on November 12th to give a talk titled “Rehabbing with Hard Money: The Power of Leverage!” As a successful…

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Rehabbing with Hard Money: The Power of Leverage!

By Site Owner | Oct 21, 2016 |

Hear Rob Barney speak on Saturday, November 12th in Arlington, TX! Rehabbing with Hard Money: The Power of Leverage! Get Your Tickets Here!

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Bait and Switch in the Hard Money Business

By Site Owner | Feb 1, 2016 |

7%-8% Interest, how can I get that? Over the past couple of months, I have been getting a number of calls from investors telling me that they are seeing these types of headlines on the internet when they search for Hard Money Lenders. So, of course, the first question that follows is “How can I…

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Why use hard money?

By Site Owner | May 13, 2015 |

Rob Barney, owner and CEO of DHLC Investments Inc speaks to a group of Realtors about the advantages of using hard money for real estate investing and the power of leverage.

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Dallas Real Estate Investor Expo Jan 24th-25th

By Site Owner | Jan 22, 2015 |

We are proud to again be a sponsor of this years REI Expo in Dallas at the Anatole Hotel this coming weekend (January 24th – 25th). This expo will showcase leaders in the local and national real estate investing industry.  More than 60 speakers, from lenders to note buyers and everything in-between, will be providing…

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How to Insure a Fast Easy Closing

By Site Owner | Jul 28, 2014 |

We should say that “working with us” is the first way! Every Real Estate Investor (REI) wants to close as soon as possible but unless you help the process along by doing the simple tasks required by us and the title company, you are almost guaranteed to miss your closing date. A real estate transaction…

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Back on the Blog-wagon

By Site Owner | May 22, 2013 |

I owe you an apology! I have not been blogging in way too long. By way of an explanation for my absence I can only say that I have been extremely busy. Doing what you ask? Growing my business to better serve the needs of Texas real estate investors. In the last 6 months DHLC…

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From TAR: Breaking News on Seller Financing

By Site Owner | Jun 21, 2010 |

Many of us have been very concerned about the implementation of federal legislation known as the SAFE Act that would severely limit an individual’s ability to seller finance their property in Texas. TAR is working on numerous regulatory and legislative solutions to this affront to private-property owners, and have some good news to report. At…

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New Realities for Hard Money Borrowers

By Site Owner | May 17, 2008 |

In case you have been hiding in a cave without Wi-Fi you have noticed the rules of the game have changed. It used to be, just 9a few years ago, that any rehabber with a pulse that could find a house to purchase for a price of 70% of the After Repaired Value (ARV) including…

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Should YOU choose the Title Co when purchasing a property?

By Site Owner | Jan 22, 2008 |

One of the most common misconceptions out there is that seller ALWAYS gets to choose the title co since he/she is paying for the title policy. In some case, REOs and HUDs this is true. However as the buyer, when you submit a contract/offer, YOU have the the right and opportunity to tell them what…

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